The 3rd Time Price Increase for the Mobile Phone LCD Screen in 2020

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As we known, the IC and LCD glass are the key materials to produce all kinds of LCD displays.

But the key materials almost rely on importing from overseas in China.

The COVID-19 confirmed cases was increasing rapidly again out of China in October, 

most of the factories can not work normally,

the IC and LCD glass, etc raw materials supply is very shortage, 

so the price for all kinds of LCD screen is increasing again since beginning of October, 2020.

It is the 3rd time price increase for the LCD display in 2020.

It brings big affect for the mobile phone parts industrial every time.

The 1st time is in Feb and March, last about 1.5 month.

The 2nd time is in June and July, last about 1.5 month.

But this time maybe the worst, the LCD factories forecast this shortage situation maybe will last to at the end of 2020.

The ic in some factories was out of stock already, and the LCD price raised crazy these days.

Specially for some models of Samsung and Huawei screen, the price is about US$1-$2/pc difference every day.

The price increase models for iPhone aftermarket LCD are mainly iPhone 5 series, 6G, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7G, 7P, 8G & 8P.

Others models price have not big difference at present.

In summary, if you have the demand to get the stocks for the screens recently, 

we highly suggest to prepare your order as earlier as possible to get better price.

It is the very hard year in 2020, but we still need to face it optimistically

Come on! ^_^

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