The Price for iPhone LCD Screen Is Keeping Raising After 2021 CNY Holiday 

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2021-02-23

You known all brands LCD screen price was increased a lot before Chinese New Year holidays.

As the raw materials ic and LCD glass are still in shortage, and their price increased a lot,

the iPhone LCD price is keeping raising after CNY holidays,

special big increasing for LCD iPhone X, iPhone XS, iXR and i11 these days.

And LCD iPhone 5 series to 8P models is going up in little range.

In addition, the battery price for iPhone and iPad models is raising also.

If you have orders, please arrange it as soon as possible.

And we suggest to get a little more stocks, as the situation will last at least one month.

Any questions, contact us freely, we will share you more details for the latest price and market situation.


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