The Supply Situation for the iPhone LCD Screen in July 2020

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2020-07-31

As the ic etc materials shortage for the production of iPhone 5 series, 6G, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7G and 8P screen,

all these iPhone copy LCD price started to raise since the end of July.

The price increase rage is little high from $0.5/pc to around $3.0/pc at present.

Based on the COVID 2019 affect in the world, the shortage situation maybe will last to September.

In addition, as the epidemic in Hongkong is becoming serious recently, 

the government control more strictly and the sourcing of broken screen for refurbish from Hongkong is limited.

So the refurbish screens for iPhone 5 series, 6G and 6S price raised at present.

And more models price will be increased in August.

So we suggest the customers get enough stocks as earlier as possible.

Hope this information is helpful for your purchasing schedule.

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