3 Kinds of Quality For SIQI Mobile Phone Parts

Author: Lisa          Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on: 2015-06-02

SIQI is the professional wholesaler for cell phone parts in Shenzhen, China.

We mainly have below 3 kinds of quality for the phone parts:

1) Brand new original

100% original with new one.

2) New AAA highly quality 

A. New OEM parts, high copy with very good material and assembly technology. 

B. Screen without scratches, dead spots, etc quality problem after one by one test.

3) Used Original

Second hand but working fine original parts.

The customers can choose the different quality for different clients' need.

Any questions for SIQI mobile parts quality, welcome to contact us at: 

sales@siqiphoneparts.com or +86 15889720078.

We will reply you timely.

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