The Coronavirus Affect and Situation in China for Mobile Phone Parts Supply Chain

Author: Lisa          Source:          Release on: 2020-03-05

The coronavirus situation in China is controlled effectively by Chinese government at present.
The number of confirmed cases and suspect cases are going down everyday.
And the confirmed cases in many cities keep "0" from the end of February.

More and more factories and companies are back to work continuously in March, 2020.
The export business in China is recovering slowly day by day.
The supply chain for mobile phone parts has not been restored yet.
As the workers and raw materials are both in shortage at present.
So the price for all mobile phone parts is increasing in different degrees.
Among them, part of iPhone LCD screen models price increased crazy around 45%.
Along with the work further recovering in March, the supply chain will become more and more complete.
And hope the price will become normally in following months.

Now SIQI can supply all the mobile phone parts brands like: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.
Any demand, let us know freely, maybe some models parts are out of stocks.

But we will do our best to prepare the completely parts which are available for you.

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