The Selling Points for SQHD Wide Color Gamut iPhone LCD Screen

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2019-10-16

SQHD iPhone LCD is mainly for the high-end quality demand.

They are welcomed with the customers mainly from Europe and American.

The selling points for SQHD high-end iPhone LCD screens are following:

1) They are made with wide color gamut backlights(better than ESR backlights).

So their display color looks warm like original.

And the brightness is very closed to the original also.

2) Made with full view polarization, can see clearly in 360 degree(not only front side) with sunglass

And the display color will be not changed in side angles like original.

3) Anti-fingerprint coating for the front glass.

4) iPhone 8G and 8 plus support true tone display function.

The normal quality LCD quality is without this original function.

SQHD wide color gamut LCD is the best quality for all iPhone copy LCD with out-sell structure

Any more questions or price inquiry about it, welcome to contact us freely. ^_^

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