The Differences for In-cell, On-cell and Out-cell Structure iPhone LCD Screen

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As we known, the iPhone original LCD screens(except the models with AMOLED) are with in cell structure.

And the after market copy iPhone screens were produced with out-cell structure from very beginning.

As the technology developed, on-cell and in-cell iPhone copy LCD appeared in the market in 2019.

So what is the differences for in-cell, on-cell and out-sell iPhone copy screen?

Below is the 3 kinds of structure pictures for you to know clearly.

Here we made a summary for these 3 structures for your reference.

Differences Summary
Layer Out-cell(4 layers) > On-cell(3 layers) > 
In-cell(2 layers) = Original (In-cell 2 layers)
Thickness Out-cell > On-cell > In-cell = Original
Quality Out-cell < On-cell < In-cell < Original
Price Out-cell < On-cell < In-cell < Original

Industry information:

Out-cell iPhone copy screen: 

=> Hot sell in big quantity as cheap price, take around 70% market.

On-cell iPhone copy screen

=> Seldom factory product it, no popular

In-cell iPhone copy screen

=> Popular since 2019, for top quality demand, close to original quality

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