Welcome to SIQI New Online Showroom

Author: Lisa          Source:www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on :2015-05-12

Firstly thanks a lot to visit SIQI new website. 
We are intend to build a professional website for smart phone parts and accessories.

Our team will continue to update the new iPhone parts, iPad parts, Samsung parts, etc here.
And the valued information for mobile phone parts will be released in "News" navigation bar regularly.

There are 3 ways for you to know SIQI valued news timely:

1) Pay a visit to our website every week/month in "News" information.

2) Leave your email ID to subscribe SIQI latest news. 

We will share you the new special offer, new products released, etc by email timely. 

3) Send the inquiry for your interesting cell phone parts directly.

If you have any suggestion for our website, let us know freely, once valued suggestions was adopted, 

will send the exquisite gifts with goods as appreciated. 

SIQI is looking forward to hearing your voice. 

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