Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Custom and  SIQI Holiday Notice

Author: Candy          Source:          Release on :2015-06-19

Chinese tranditional Dragon Boat Festival is coming.

SIQI will have a 3 days short holiday for from Jun. 20 to Jun. 22

For clients' convenience, we still will check the email box during the holidays,  so that not delay the urgent issues.
You also can reach us by whatsapp: +86 15889720078 more timely.

In addition, wish you have a happy family time for the Father's Day on Jun. 21st.  


Simple Introduction for Dragon Boat Festival to let you know more a little about Chinese culture.

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the biggest traditional festival in China. 

It is on May. 5 of Lunar calendar for each year, to memorize the famous person Yuan Quwho is the patriotic poet 

in Chinese ancient.

Main custom in Dragon Boat Festival:
1- Dragon boat racing

2- Eat rice dumpling

Welcome to China to experience this interesting Chinese Festival.

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