SIQI Important Notice About The Bank Transfer Payment Way

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2021-03-03

As the money was from the illegal bank accounts, 

many RMB bank accounts in China was frozen by the public security station.

It caused many trouble and much loss for the companies, which doing the foreign trade business.

So please follow below important notices when you make the payment by bank transfer:

1) For the long term cooperation, please choose the legal bank way to make the payment.

Do best not to choose the third-party illegal financial company, 

so that can make sure the payment transferring to SIQI USD and RMB accounts is legal and safe.

2) If SIQI accounts was frozen or have other loss because received the illegal payment.

The payee/customer must undertake all the responsibility.

3) When customers need to pay by bank transfer, 

please confirm with SIQI sales to get the latest bank account to avoid any trouble.

Thanks a lot for the support and understanding.

Hope we can establish the long term partnership without the bank account freezing problem.

Thank you very much again for your highly attention for this important payment issue. :-)

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