SIQI High-End iPhone Battery Help You Win More and More Customers

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2018-05-25

Whether you have customers need high-end iPhone battery for replacement or refurbish?

SIQI provide high quality iPhone battery with super low within 0.3% defective rate.

What are the advantages for SIQI iPhone battery?
1) With high quality brand new(not used) chipset, undoubted zero-cycle 

2) Real enough capacity, can reach 500-800 recycles.

3) Production with pure cobalt raw material by fully automated strict production process(instead of handmade).
The defective rate is controlled within 0.3%(instead of normally 2-3%).

The good quality battery help our customers win more and more customers and profit.

Why not try our iPhone battery samples firstly,  believe you will benefit for it also. :-)

Below is SIQI iPhone battery packing box pictures for your reference.

Any interest, welcome to contact us ^_^ :

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