SIQI Different Quality for Samsung screens To Meet Different Customers Demand

Author: admin        Source:          Release on: 2018-06-19

When you need to purchase the Samsung screens,
are you confusing the price from different suppliers have big difference?
It is lies in their qualities are different.

SIQI mainly provide 5 hot sell qualities for Samsung screen at present to meet customers different quality demand.
1) Full new original screen
-For highest end demand

2) Refurbish Original screen changed front glass
-For high end demand

3) OLED copy screen(available from 2017)
-For high end and cost-effective demand

4) TFT copy, brightness can be adjusted (available from 2016)
-For ordinary demand

5) TFT copy, brightness can not be adjusted (available from 2016)
-For most economical demand

So firstly share the different quality grades for Samsung screens with your customers.
And do the survey to check which kind of quality they most like and accept, 
then mainly promote these qualities in your shops.

For your valued information: 

After compared, many customers who bought original and TFT quality before start to buy OLED copy quality now. 

So OLED is selling more and more hot in 2018. 

Do you have any interest in SIQI Samsung screens for replacement or resell?
If yes, welcome to contact us to get the price list. :-)

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