The Price Trend For iPhone LCD In The End Of 2015

Author: Lisa        Source:          Release on: 2015-11-02

As you known, the iPhone 5/6 series screen with original LCD glass material is in huge shortage and their price go up very crazy recently.
Whether you are still waiting for their price drop?

Here we share you the market situation for iPhone LCD.
The price will not stop rising because it is coming to the end of the year, and the Christmas day is arriving. 
Usually the demand will become larger and larger at this time, so the price will still be high. 

There is no need to worry about price drop. 

The earlier you buy, the better price you can get, then more profit you can earn.

Some customers feedback it is cheaper price in their local market, but it is temporary.
After the local suppliers run out the cheaper stocks, your market price will become higher and higher soon.

Our suggestion: 
If you have better price in local, on one hand, get them in stocks quickly.
On the other hand, take action to import from China also, don't wait any more.

SIQI get very good sourcing for the iPhone display with original LCD glass material(not China brand). 
Action now to get our competitive price! :-)

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