Different Quality For iPhone 5/5S/5C LCD Screen

Author: Lisa          Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on: 2015-11-23

You know the iPhone LCD price from different suppliers have big difference, 
but don't know what is the quality clearly, as they only show you "Original" or "high copy".

iPhone 5/5S/5C screen is the best selling in all iPhone models at present.

And it appears below 5 kinds of quality to try to win in the price.

1) Assembled with original LCD + original touch + copy glass
2) Assembled with original LG or Sharp LCD glass
3) Assembled with China "Tianma" LCD glass
4) Assembled with China "Longteng" LCD glass
5) Assembled with China "Jingdongfang" LCD glass

Quality & Price: 1)>2)>3)>4)>5)

Because the Apple company control the original LCD glass material into market.
Tianma and Longteng LCD screen are selling hoter and hoter with customers' good feedback at the moment.
Tianma quality is a little better than Longteng ones.
Jingdongfang LCD for iPhone 5 is still new arrival, need the market to varify its quality further more.

SIQI still didn't sell Longteng and Jingdongfang LCD screen at present.

Only after their quality become more stable, we will follow them.

Just like the old saying: different quality with different price.
So when you compare the price, don't forget to confirm the detailed quality from your supplier also.
SIQI always provide the high quality with advantage price for our customers. 

Welcome to contact us & try our samples. :-)

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