Oppo Reno5 LCD Screen With Universal Version For 25 Models

Author: Admin          Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on : 2023-04-24

SIQI have the universal version for the Opposite Reno5 LCD display with high quality.

It can support for 25 models as below:

1:Reno5 5G
2:Reno6 5G
3:Reno7 5G
4:Reno7 New year version
5:Realme GT
6:Realme GT Neo
7:Realme GT Neo Flash version
8:Realme Q3pro 5G
9:Realme Q3pro 5G Carnival version
10:K9 5G
11:K9pro 5G
12:1+Nord2 5G
13:1+Nord2T 5G
14:1+Nord CE 5G
15:Findx3lite 5G
16:Realme GT Neo2T
18:Reno5 4G
19:Reno6 4G
20:GT MastreEdition
21:1+Nord CE 5G(India version)
22:1+Nord2 5G(EU & USA version)
23:Realme GT (Master version)
24:Realme X7 Max
25:OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

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