Important and Effective Prevention Measures For Coronavirus COVID-19

Author: Admin          Source:          Release on: 2020-03-18

The new coronavirus outbreak very serious in Europe, Asia and America in March, 2020.

In the meanwhile China have temporary success for fight the new coronavirus after the government great efforts.

And now China is doing best to help Iran, Iraq, Italy, Spain etc countries to control the COVID-19.

As still have not the antidote/specific medicine for the new coronavirus in all over the world at present.

The prevention is very very important.

Based on Chinese experience, share you some important and effective prevention measures:

1-Wear the medical mask correctly when go outside special in the hermetic space like elevator, supermarket, etc.

    Please no refuse the mask, as the mask somehow can prevent the droplets from other people.

2- Don't go to the crowded place, do best to stay at home except working.

    Keep at least 1 meter away from other people if must need to go outside.

3- Wash hands carefully follow below 7 steps with soaps frequently

    Don't touch the eyes, mouth and nose before wash hands.

4- Spray the 75% alcohol or ether for disinfection.

Take the correct measures can prevent the corona virus to spread effectively.

Hope the epidemic all over the world can be controlled together in near future.

And all our life and works become normally earlier.

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