How to Activate New iPhone 7 By Virtual Home Button After Installed JC Home Button?

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As we known, JC home buttons are selling very hot from the beginning of 2019, 

as this new innovative JC home button with return function is really very useful for the iPhone 7G, 

7 plus, 8G and 8 plus with broken home buttons.

The JC home button use the bluetooth technology to achieve return(back) function.

So this physical JC home button have the limited to activate the brand new iPhone 7 without bluetooth connecting.

As when power on the new iPhone 7, will be needed to "press the home button to open" like below picture.

Here we share you how to use the 3uTools software to open the virtual home button to solve this problem.

3uTools(i4 assistant) is very popular and useful software for the iPhone repair technicians in China.

3uTools is the English version, and i4 Assistant is Chinese Version.

We will show you how to use step by step as below:

1- Download 3uTools in English version from, then install this software in Windows.

2- Open 3uTools software, and connect your iPhone to Windows PC using USB cable.

3- After connected and detect your device successfully, you can see the detailed information about your iPhone.

4- Click "Toolbox" => Click "Accessibility"

5- Open the AssistiveTouch, then the virtual home button will be appear on the iPhone.

Then you can active your new iPhone and connect the bluetooth for the JC home button to use normally.

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