2019 New Arrival: iPhone 7G, 7P, 8G and 8P Home Button with Return Function

Author: admin        Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com         Release on: 2019-01-03

Are you still headache for the broken home button for iPhone 7G, 7P, 8G & 8P without return function?
If yes, the new coming and innovation home button for them can solve the problem now.

Its advantages are below:

1- Easy replacement: just replace the home button directly like below video without other steps like:

disassemble the motherboard or charging port flex.  

2- Original materials, original process production.

Without iOS version issue: Support for iOS 10 above and can fit with the upcoming iOS version.

3- Compatible with iPhone 7, 7P, 8G and 8P all 4 models, can reduce the stocks risk for each model.

4- Black, white, gold and pink total 4 colors optional as below pictures.

5- UA level power consumption is less than 2% in 24 hours.

6- Except without fingerprint function, all other functions like headphone can work normally.

This new home button with return function is really much more convenient than the old solution: 

change both home button + charging port flex.

Welcome to order samples to test the quality. :-)

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Email: sales@siqiphoneparts.com

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