How To Return SIQI Defective Screens?

Author: SIQI          Source:          Release on: 2018-08-06

Please follow below important tips when you return the defective screens bought from SIQI.

1) Make sure the screens were bought from SIQI, our stamp on the screens is S/Q.
If the screens not bought from SIQI, we can not provide the warranty for them as they are from different factories.

2) Send the defective screens(LCD glass inside not broken) models list to the sales firstly.
Then we will tell you the delivery address and contact phone number to return.

3) Please return the defective LCDs by Post or EMS, not by DHL, UPS, Fedex or other express, 
so that we can receive it without any customs problem.

4) Please pack the LCD well with suitable foam box+carton box to avoid damage during shipping, 
the box with suitable size please, not pack too bigger to reduce the customs inspection risk. 

Thank you very much for the cooperation to follow above instructions for us to receive the parcels smoothly.

After we receive the return, will test the LCD as soon as possible and send the test report to customers.

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