SIQI New Arrival: Aftermarket iPhone X GVO OLED Screen for iPhone X Repair

Author: SIQI- Lisa          Source:          Release on: 2018-08-09

As we known, iPhone X original screens are very expensive and price raised a lot sometimes as shortage.

Here we share an exciting news with you:

The best quality of iPhone X aftermarket GVO OLED screens are ready to wholesale in SIQI now.

1) The iPhone X GVO OLED is the flexible screen. 

Its display color is very close to the original OLED, and touch, 3D touch etc function work very stable now.

2) The price is much cheaper than the original screen also, only 2/3 of original price at present.

3) More detailed introductions for the iPhone X GVO OLED screen are below:

Brightness auto adjustment function for iPhone X OLED screen work very good.

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