Personal Experience For SIQI iPhone Tianma LCD

Author: Lisa        Source:         Release on: 2016-11-14

Last month, my own iPhone 5 was broken by uncareful falling. 

The touch can not work, need to change the whole display.

Our technician help me replace our selling China made tianma iPhone 5 LCD screen.

It looks like the new phone again. :-)

Below is my feeling for the tianma LCD after one month personally experience.

1) LCD and home button fit perfectly, without any gap.

2) The display color is very similar with the original one.

3) Touch screen is sensitive also.

4) The only weak point is: the resolution is not so high as original one, but totally can accept.

I am very satisfied with the effect for my iPhone display.

It is really very cost-effective to replace a new China made tianma LCD.

And it work very stable till now.

After experience our products personally, I have more confidence for our iPhone LCD quality.

The defect rate from customers is within 2%.

Try SIQI iPhone tianma LCD, we believe will not disappoint you also. 

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