The Price For iPhone 5S/5G/5C and iPhone 6 China LCD Raised 20%

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2016-10-10

The iPhone LCD price raise every year after China National Day one week holiday in October.

The people who have rich importing experience from China all know it.

And they made a good purchasing plan ahead of time to get enough stocks in good price before the holiday.

How about you?

The price for iPhone 5 series and 6G all China LCD went up about 20%-25% after holiday.

As it is very shortage for the LCD glass.

It is the cyclical increase for iPhone LCD price.

How we suggest the customers to arrange the order during this situation?

1) If need urgently, can buy the quantity you need currently, not get much stock in high price.

2) If not need urgently, can wait about 1-2 weeks to arrange the order, as the price usually can be stable after mid-October.

Whether above information is helpful for your purchasing plan from China in future?

If yes, you can pay attention to make schedule for the coming longest Chinese New Year Holiday in Jan., 2017. :-)

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