iPhone 6S OEM LCD and Tianma LCD Difference

Author: admin        Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on: 2016-08-29

What is the difference for iPhone 6S OEM LCD and tianma LCD?

Below are the six mainly differences to share with you:

1) Flex cable difference

Flex cable difference can be found easily from above pictures.

2) IC module difference

Tianma IC module is covered partly, while OEM one is totally covered.

3) Structure difference

Tianma is with G+F structure, so it is a little thicker than OEM LCD with in-cell structure.

4) Front glass hydrophobicity difference

Tianma hydrophobicity is not so good as OEM as front glass material difference.

5) Display difference in white, grey and black background

Backlight Leakage : Tianma LCD have slight backlight leakage on grey and black screen.

Color difference: Tianma LCD color is colder than OEM. 

6) Installation effect difference

Tianma LCD have a little protruding after installation as its higher frame, but not affect the normal use.

Although the quality for iPhone 6S tianma LCD is not so good as the original one.

But since the price advantage, the high quality China LCD for iPhone 6S will be the trend in future also.

SIQI recommend you to order samples to test if it can meet your demand. :-)

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