How to Distinguish iPhone 6 LCD Quality Via Flex Cable

Author: admin        Source:          Release on: 2016-09-01

There are many kinds of iPhone 6 LCD in market at present.

And most of the customers were confused for them.

Here we share you how to distinguish OEM, Tianma, Jingdongfang & Longteng via their flex cables.

1) Brand new OEM iPhone 6 flex

The lines on brand new OEM iPhone 6 LCD flex cable are mostly curved, and the background is yellow color.

2) OEM(original) LCD+ compatible(copy) flex cable

The lines are almost the same as brand new OEM LCD flex, but the background is a little transparent.

3) Tianma iPhone 6 LCD flex

There are two curved lines on the right side.

4) Longteng iPhone 6 LCD flex

Its flex cable is a little wider than OEM. 

The lines on the right is curved and the background is black color.

5) Jongdongfang iPhone 6 LCD flex

The symmetric curved lines in the middle looks like a "door".

With the features on the flex cable for iPhone 6 LCD, you can distinguish them easily now, right?

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