Repair Parts For iPhone 6S Tianma LCD Display is Available

Author: admin        Source:          Release on: 2016-08-18

Share you good news: 

iPhone 6S tianma LCD disaply was released and started to supply in August, 2016. 

But it is not mass production, so usually in out of stock situation at present.

Below is the valued information you may concerned:

1) Price

The price for iPhone 6S tianma LCD is a little cheaper than 

the assembled with original material quality now.

As long as the production technology developed, its price will be more and more competitive.

2) Quality

A- Display effect: there is a little color difference with original, but the display is good.

B- Touch: working well.

C- 3D touch: the sensitivity is fine.

More further news for the new arrival iPhone 6S tianma LCD.

Please pay attention to SIQI industrial news, we will share you more information timely.

Welcome to test tianma LCD samples for iPhone 6S to check quality firstly. :-)

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