Who is No. 1 selling For China iPhone 5 series, 6G and 6 plus LCD Screen?

Author: Lisa         Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on: 2016-05-18

As the technology developing, China iPhone LCD screen become more and more mature now.

How many kinds of China LCD for iPhone 5 series and iPhone 6G & 6 plus in market till now?

iPhone 5 series China LCD: Tianma, Longteng, Jingdongfang

iPhone 6 China LCD: Tianma, Shenchao, Jingdongfang, Longteng, Auo, JBD

iPhone 6 Plus China LCD: LG 1:1 high copy and tianma

As there are many kinds of China LCD for iPhone 5 series, iPhone 6 & 6 plus in market.

Most of the customers don't know the detailed differences among them.

And don't know which kind of LCD is best for promoting.

From the quality and sales amount till now:

1) Tianma for iPhone 5 series LCD is most mature and top 1 selling.

2) Shenchao is taking the market, become No. 1 selling for iPhone 6 LCD.

Since its display color is most near the original, and price is very competitive.

The most important is very low defective rate.

3) LG 1:1 high copy is selling a little better than tianma for iPhone 6 plus LCD.

As LG 1:1 quality is more mature and its price is almost the same as tianma now.

Hope above information is helpful for you to make good choice for China LCD quality. :-)

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