Different China High Copy Quality For iPhone 6 LCD Screen

Author: Lisa          Source: www.siqiphoneparts.com          Release on: 2016-04-06

As the big sales amount of iPhone 6 all over the world, it become the popular model in repair shop nowadays.

In the iPhone screen industrial, it appears four new China high copy quality for iPhone 6 screen now.

They are:

Tianma iPhone 6 LCD

iPhone 6 Longteng LCD screen

Jingdongfang iPhone 6 LCD display

Shenchao iPhone 6 LCD

The price for four different quality iPhone 6 screen have little difference.

Tianma iPhone 6 LCD price is the most expensive among them at present. 

The different quality screens were started to produced since 2015.

And their quality are all improved many times by the factory technical staffs.

Now they are all in mature situation to sell in the China wholesale market. 

Tianma iPhone 5 series LCD screen is the top 1 selling in market already.

Which iPhone 6 screen quality will be the champion then?

Let us keep following up their feedback for quality and price firstly, 

then share you the latest information timely later.

Want to know more details for them, welcome to contact us at: sales@siqiphoneparts.com. :-)

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