The Price for Mobile Phone Spare Parts Is Going to Raise in October, 2021

Author: admin        Source:         Release on: 2021-09-27

The price for most of the mobile phone spare parts will be raising in October.

The two mainly reasons are below:

1) The price for many raw materials are keep going up.

2) The government control the power as shortage in some cities, 

many factories in Guangdong province only can work two or three days in one week.

For above two reasons, the production cost was highly increased 

and the supply products in market will be shortage from October.

The shortage situation will be last at least one or two months.

In addition, the long holidays for the China National Day(Oct 1st or 7th) is coming soon.

So SIQI suggest the customers to get some stocks for the spare parts as soon as possible.

Any questions, contact us timely. ^_^

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